Huawei Phone Repairs

In 2017 Huawei overtook Apple as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones, after Samsung. They are even working on their own operating system for smartphones, but that has yet to be released. They have also partnered with Google to build the Nexus 6P.

All this expertise produces some pretty impressive phones, but even the best-made tech can develop faults at times, and CeXClinic is here to help you when it does. 

We repair:

  • Broken screens
  • Broken casings
  • Battery or charging issues 
  • Software issues
  • Speaker or microphone faults
  • Keypad problems 
  • No-power faults

Our service is fast - within 7 days we will have your repaired device back with you.

Our service is guaranteed - if we can't fix it, we won't charge you under our "no fix, no charge" guarantee.

Our service lasts - we offer a two year warranty on our work.

Our service is easy to use - just fill in your details on the product page and then get your device to us at your nearest clinic.