Samsung Laptop Repairs

In the middle of a big work project and your laptop stopped working? We know how annoying that can be, especially if you're on a deadline.

That's why CeXClinic offers a fast 7 day repair service to have your Samsung laptop up and working again in time to meet your deadlines. 

We repair:

  • Hard Disk Drive failures
  • DVD/CD drive failures
  • Screen replacements
  • Keyboard failures
  • Main board/motherboard failures
  • Upgrades & replacements

We offer a "no fix, no charge" guarantee, and a two year warranty on the repair for total peace of mind. 

Best of all, our service is easy to use - we just need a couple of details from you below to give you a quote, and then you can drop your Samsung into your local CeXClinic for us to start work.